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Welcome to Fruit Of The Shed

Great things have been accomplished by people in sheds... Alan Turing, Marie Curie, Barnes Wallace, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates...

Share your shed greatness with others here. FruitOfTheShed is a public open space to aggregate and share shed brilliance; code snippets, functions, novel circuits ideas. Show your ingenuity to the world and let others critique your work in the spirit of friendly altruism.

Select your area of expertise/interest in the namespace drop-down menu top right.

Feel free to have a good rifle through the contributions and enjoy your stay. You'll need an account to contribute, correct or discuss any work (membership is free and always will be) but you can browse the work with no restrictions. You can use what you like but please contact the Original Poster if you want to use the their contribution commercially, just to check that's OK - it might be nice to let them know you are using it anyway. Any contributions to FruitOfTheShed are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license (and you implicitly agree to this when you publish your work here) but they remain the property of the relevant Original Poster (except where specified).

If you are posting stuff that is not your original work, it must either...

  1. Have been originally published elsewhere under a compatible public licence (and you must credit them here also).
  2. or you'll need their permission to publish it here (and credit them).
  3. take reasonable steps to ensure you aren't violating copyright or upsetting anyone.

In the event the originator of the work cannot be determined, this must be clearly stated and you must be prepared to take it down in the event someone protests. Any reinstatement will depend on the outcome of the bun-fight. We reserve the right to remove articles at our discretion for whatever reason.

NOTE: If you are uploading files e.g. images or gerber files, as with all wikis you need to upload the file first using the File Management link on the left then add the pointer to your contribution.

Please maintain a friendly approach, egos and attitudes should be left outside - we ALL began as something else. Don't post anything offensive, mind your language and play nice - if you wouldn't want your mum seeing you behave a certain way, it doesn't belong here either.

All IP addresses are logged at all times.

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