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Compatibility between Micromite MkII MMBasic and MicroMite Extreme (MMX) MMBasic

Stub Article - Needs more detail

CFunctions and CSubs are a method of extending the capabilities and features of the MicroMite. They are not compatible between MicroMite and MicroMiteXtreme.

  • The MicroMite uses the PIC32MX range of microcontrollers. CSubs and CFunctions encapsulate blocks of hex machine code to augment the functionality and capability of MMBasic on that platform
  • The MicroMiteXtreme uses the PIC32MZ range of microcontrollers and although the MMBasic language is virtually identical (with key exceptions), there are fundamental differences in the internal structure between the two. mainly due to recent XC32 compiler changes which affect the way position independent code is produced. Unfortunately the older version of the compiler does not support the MZ.

Currently, CSubs and CFunctions are not usable on the MMX platform unless expressly indicated in the relevant article.

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