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Picomite Official Site with latest release, beta release, docs: :
Picomite Main Page
Picomite MMBasic source on github: :
Picomite source
Exploratory thread for the Picomite: : Just Playing
Proposed Functionality: Proposed Functionality
PicoMite Alpha 1: Alpha
PicoMite Alpha 2: Starting on Displays
Beta Firmware thread PicoMite V5.07.00b0 _ beta firmware
Library for Picomite Libraries

Pico Product Brief: Product Brief
Pico Datasheet: Datasheet
PicoMite Manual:

Pico on a Commercial PCB:
Mounted Pico

PicoMite with VGA

Beta Release First glance Colour VGA Later release with manual
Picomite VGA games

PicoMite with Colour VGA pinout:
GP18 - BLUE; GP19 - GREEN LSB; GP20 - GREEN MSB; GP21 - RED; GP16 to VGA pin 13 (HSYNCH); GP17 to VGA pin 14 (VSYNCH)
PicoMite as a serial client:
PicoMite as serial client

Some Benchmarks:

PicoMite Notes & Docs:

Notes by Mixtel90 - links subject to updating for new versions PIO Assembler in Basic:
By Mixtel90
SEE: PicoMite 101 by Mixtel90

Add-on PCBs:

SPI LCDs to Use with additional hardware

ILI9341 and ILI9488
The ILI9488 as a problem with its MISO pin which causes the SD module and touch to fail; it must be disconnected or have an inline 680R resistor

Some Games/Puzzles/Utilities/Functions

Some Functional Modules

PicoMite and HTML with ESP-01

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