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Armmite F4 Hardware

Introductory thread for F4: Coming soon: cheap, fast, no_soldering
Primary thread for F4: Armmite F4: programming the firmware
Armmite F4 Manual and Firmware on Fruit of the Shed - for links to manual, firmware and source code on GitHub.
F4 User Manual thread:F4 Manual Thread Latest Manual in this thread

For other threads, search for “Armmite F4” in Subject (or “ArmmiteF4”).
F4 CSUBs: ArmmiteF4 CSUBs and LCD drivers

STM32F407VET6/STM32F407VGT6 Hardware to purchase:

The board primarily supported: STM32F407VET6 (with or without 320×240 LCD)
Alternative board (not thoroughly tested, smaller, less capable): STM32F407VGT6 Development Board

Schematic in English
Image with some pins numbered

Add-on Hardware:

2x20 40-pin pi-type connector pinout:


Boards for 2x20 40-pin pi-type connector:

LCD Adaptors

F4 Stand-alone Console with Keyboard and LCD

Some Games/Puzzles/Utilities

Some Functional Modules

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