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CMM2 Example games and other programs

it's in the nature of all hobbyist software to be a “work in progress”, but those items marked with are more WIP than others and may not yet be playable.

boulder dash

Author: “abraxas” with help from “capsikin”
Source Repository:
earlier version posted to TBS


Falfus 2

A puzzle game based on Puzznic. The goal is to clear each level by sliding matching tiles together. Two or more of the same tile touching along any edge will fuse and vanish with a pop. The player can slide tiles sideways only, and tiles fall when unsupported.
Author: “vegipete”

Flappy Bird

Simple Flappy Bird clone.
Author: “jeff510”


Author: Mauro Xavier Neto
Source Repository:


Lunar Lander



A puzzle game in which the player must arrange a list of numbers in numerical order from left to right. Each move the player tells the computer how many numbers in the list (counting from the left) to reverse.
Author: “vegipete” from an original article by Peter Sessions

space invaders

Author: Fabrice Muller. Converted by “capsikin”


wolfenstein 3d

WARNING! May contain Nazis, swastikas and violence.
Author: Mauro Xavier Neto
Source Repository:

zelda project demo**

Requires firmware V5.05.05b4 or later.
Author: “Atomizer_Zero”


A Z-machine interpreter allowing the classic Infocom works of interactive fiction (e.g. Zork I, II & III) to be played on the Colour Maximite 2 - includes “Mini-Zork” sample game.
Download: (Release 3)
Author: Tom Williams “thwill” (
Source Repository:

Other Amusements

Conway's Game of Life

An implementation of the classic Conway's Game of Life cellular automaton.
Author: Bill McKinley & “TassyJim”
Forum thread:


nes emulator in mmbasic

Don't get too excited it's ~10000x too slow to be playable, but nevertheless “Wow!”
Author: “Atomizer_Zero”

PSG Demo

Demoscene style program showing off some great sound and graphic effects and including library for a VGM player with SN76489 / NES APU simulator.
Author: Mauro Xavier Neto
Source Repository:

Demo X

Updated for newer firmware, recommends at least firmware 5.06.06.
Author: Mauro Xavier Neto
Video: Colour Maximite 2 _ Demo X
Source Repository:

Some demos

Turtle graphics demos, Sasquatch and others:

Playing some sounds, capsikin:

Zap sounds with less distortion, capsikin:

Some ZX Spectrum/BBC Micro style game sounds, capsikin:

Some ZX Spectrum style game sounds, capsikin:

Make and modify ZX Spectrum/BBC Micro style game sounds, capsikin:

Play multiple sounds at once with using PLAY SOUND and soundno, capsikin.

Play some sounds from QB style sound strings (also converting them to data statements)

“Ghost in the Machine” plays music.
Author: hitsware2

Play sounds from Nokia RTL ringtone strings.

3D maze, vegipete

Maze Generating Program, vegipete

Polygon test (pseudo 3d), by Atomizer_Zero

Peter's ball demo, modified by x4nd, using MATH calls

Some to be linked from the demo thread

Rotating cube

Colour bars


Rotating Dodecahedron

Rotating Football here)

Julia and Mandelbrot Set.

Showing the fonts

(and there are more to add, please add more and/or add links for the ones that aren't yet linked)

Lots more example code here

colorcircles.bas works by itself. drawperf.bas and keytest.bas require to be saved in the directory with them, and some others need files to be in the correct location.

CMM2: Direction Movement Keycheck

Short code examples

Subroutines, functions and library code

Pseudorandom number generator and how to use it (the built in random number generator doesn't let you repeat the random sequence) by: matherp

High Score handling reusable library
Author: mkopack73

Joystick / Games controller library collection
Author: capsikin



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