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This module is part of the original MMBasic library. It is reproduced here with kind permission of Hugh Buckle and Geoff Graham. Be aware it may reference functionality which has changed or is deprecated in the latest versions of MMBasic.

' Dump a text file to screen, showing all printables and non-printables.
' Non-printables denoted by their ASCII codes
' Author: Rodney Entwistle from a Unix idea in the 1980s
Input "Enter filename: ",fname$  ' Dump this file
Open fname$ For input As #1
ch_per_line=12: lines_per_page=35  ' To fit screen size
count=0:line_no=1:ch_count=0   ' Initiate counters
Font 1,1,1:Print Format$(ch_count+1,"%5.0f");:Font 1,1,0 'Look after first line
Do  ' Sequentially read entire file
  a$=Input$(1,#1)   ' Read a single ASCII character"
  If (Asc(a$)>32 And Asc(a$)<>127) Then     ' Select printables
    Print "     ";a$;
    Print "  \";Format$(Asc(a$),"%03.0f");   ' Select non-printables
  If count=ch_per_line Then   ' End of line
    Font 1,1,1:Print Chr$(10);Chr$(13);Format$(ch_count+1,"%5.0f");:Font 1,1,0
  If line_no=lines_per_page Then   ' End of page
    Font 1,1,1
    Print Chr$(13);"  Press space bar for next page or 'q' to end: ";
key:    Do: b$=Inkey$: Loop Until b$<>""  'Wait for key to be pressed
    If b$="q" Or b$="Q" Then GoTo finish
    If b$<>Chr$(32) Then GoTo key
    Print Chr$(10);Chr$(10);Chr$(13);  ' move to new line
    Print Format$(ch_count+1,"%5.0f");  ' Print character number
    Font 1,1,0
Loop Until Eof(#1)
finish:  Close #1
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