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Map() Function

Function maps a value in a given linear input range to it's proportional counterpart in the linear output range.

Often it is required to take a value in a specific range and “Map” it onto the equivalent value in some alternative range. e.g. a current measuring module might return a value in the range of 0-255 which corresponds to a current reading of 0-6Amps. The Map() function will take the measured value and the input/output ranges and return the equivalent value.

The input value is constrained so that it conforms to the input range, i.e. if the lower limit is zero and a value of negative 5 is supplied, the value of zero will be used. Likewise the upper limit.

Written to use Floats due to the likely nature of the application.




mAmps=Map(n,0,255,0,6000)'current in mA

	Function Map(x As Float,rLo As Float,rHi As Float,oLo As Float,oHi As Float) As Float
	End Function

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